Frequently Answered Questions
How Long Do These Take to Make?

Our processing and production time for one-of-a-kind elliptiGO wraps is typically about 2 weeks, but may vary based on order volume, (especially during quarantine times).  (delays are not currently expected but can be up to another week to two max)

How Long Do They Last?

Our high quality vinyl is made to last 5 to 10 years with minimal fading but depends on amount of use, amount of time in the sun, amount of water it is exposed to, etc.

How Do You Put Them On?

Each panel is labeled to match up with each part of your bike. You should wash / wipe down the bike first to make sure there is no dirt or oil that would reduce adhesion. Once clean, allow to dry and then apply the decals to each part of the bike, and apply some pressure to ensure it’s stuck on their nice and strong. As you wrap the vinyl, try to move from one end to the other smoothly, holding the excess back from sticking until you lay it down, and smooth out any air bubbles as you go.

How Do I Remove an Air Bubble?

If during the installation process or over time if an air bubble formed, try to gently but firmly push the air bubble towards the edge of the vinyl where it can escape. If it will not move, the next best way to do it is to poke it gently with a pin through the center, and deflate it, gently pushing the air out with your finger, and smoothing it down flat. Don’t press too hard, to avoid creating a wrinkle, and the bubble’s air should be able to escape with a very small, mostly unnoticeable hole from where you deflated the bubble.

Where Are These Made?

These are currently made in New York! East Coast customers will enjoy a shorter shipping time compared to states further west who should allow a few more days for theirs to arrive, but we do ship world-wide!